Jorge Luis Borges Collection

The Jorge Luis Borges Collection centers on Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986). It comprises photographs, ephemera, articles, oral histories and audio/video recordings documenting Borges’ visit to Oberlin College, as well as other interviews with Borges and sound recordings of milongas. These materials were contributed by Oberlin professor Ana Cara and the Oberlin College Archives. During Borges' brief visit to Oberlin in May of 1983, he participated in a public discussion event and visited with students and faculty on campus. After his memorable visit, professors Ana Cara and David Young began a project to translate his milonga poems.


This website is meant to be a resource for students and researchers with an interest in Borges' life and work, particularly his milongas. It explores Borges' connection to Oberlin College through his 1983 visit and recorded interviews with Oberlin faculty.


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